For nearly four years I have been sending a daily email with a simple and gentle way to connect to the sacred through ritual (physical manifestations of prayer), meditation, engaging with Nature and the cycles of the year. I invite you to sign up to receive these Daily Sacred Acts.

The Daily Sacred Acts are inspired by six women who I have named Sacred Warrioresses and whom I have studied and worked with closely for years. These women highly influence teaching that I do around the sacred feminine, the warrior woman traditions, Irish and Celtic spirituality and herbs for healing the whole body: mental, physical, spiritual.


  • Brighid of Kildare: an Irish goddess of healing, smithcraft and poetry and saint in the Christian tradition. One of the 3 patron saints of Ireland. Known as Mary of the Gaels, midwife to Mary and foster mother to Christ.

  • Hildegard of Bingen: a 12th century Benedictine abbess. An herbalist, mystic, composer. Recently sainted by the Catholic church and designated as a Doctor of the Church.

  • Mother Mary: Mother of Jesus.

  • Maeve, Goddess of Sovereignty: Sovereign queen of Ireland, a gateway to the kingship of that and and a warrior woman. A woman of the great myth The Cattle Raid of Cooley.

  • Sheela na Gig: an Irish and Celtic icon of fertility, life and death. A symbol known to appear over church entrances and windows with mysterious origins. All similar in the fact that Sheela is holding open her womb.

  • Mary Magdalene: Friend, consort, disciple of Jesus and a leader and visionary in her own right.

Thank you for joining me and these six Sacred Warrioresses on a journey of intention, staying connected to the sacred who dances within us and without.