The sacred land of Ireland calls to us to connect to our ancestors, our spiritual selves, to the oceans that spiral within us.  She beckons me back again and again, is a part of my blood and my body, my heart and my soul.  I am honored to share with you what She has shared with me.

Journey to Ireland 2019

For detailed itinerary of all 2019 offerings, please download the PDF HERE.

Herbcraft: A Herbal Pilgrimage

Spiraling Inward: September 22-29, 2019

Connect with the remembering and knowing that is kindled by being in this mystical, lush land.  Your pilgrimage home will be in the gorgeous Burren in County Clare, a place of sacred sites, holy wells, abundant herbs and wild coastline.  We will spiral outward and inward to experience the holy, with the herbs as thresholds, deepening into the journey through ritual and connection.   With joy and reverence we will wild-craft hedgerow herbs and wild plants to create healing medicines and potions.  You will leave with abundant memories and your own Irish apothecary.  $1,650


Ireland Herb School

2020 Dates Coming Soon!

Immerse yourself for two weeks in the wind-swept seacoast of western Ireland learning about the healing herbs in their native and wild habitat.  We will connect with ancestral traditions through ritual and ceremony.   We will live in community with kindred spirits, the plants, the Elements and the sacred land of Ireland herself.  We will eat, sleep, live and dream with the herbs, guided with a special ally for the duration (and for your lifetime!). Monday through Friday will be classroom days: the classroom being our sacred community space, the hedgerows, the seashore and the mystical landscape.  Evenings will be for self-reflection, homework and community ritual.  Weekend on your own for adventure and exploration.  $1,950


Serpent and the Veil: A Mystery School of Indigenous Celtic Wisdom

October 27- November 3, 2019

This pilgrimage is FULL. Please consider joining us next year. Visit HERE for more information on this year-long program.

An in-depth immersion of a year and a day, culminating with an initiation in Ireland, in the tradition of our ancient mystery schools in Europe.   Connect to the spiral dance of life, to participate, remember and embody the rhythms of the season and the powers found within and without.  We will reclaim our sense of belonging and our own sovereignty through Irish Celtic myths, the land herself, indigenous herbs and sacred ritual.  We will traverse through the veil and collectively work to reconnect the Otherworld with our own, thus restoring balance and healing to the Earth.   Begins Samhain 2018 and culminates with a weeklong pilgrimage in Ireland.  Visit HERE for more information on this year-long program.

For detailed itinerary of all 2019 offerings, please download the PDF HERE.