Spiral Path: Irish Herbs and Spirituality


Join me on a journey of inner discovery as we walk the spiral path of Irish Spirituality and awaken our wonder at the subtle, magical and healing power of the herbs.  Through meditation, study and creative endeavor, you will be empowered to live closer to Nature, the Elements and your own Truth.  This is a five-module course designed to deepen your connection with the natural rhythms of the seasons, with the herbs as your thresholds to indigenous native European traditions and wisdom. 

Each module includes a series of reflection questions, recipes, ritual and other activities which you can submit to Tonja for feedback.  Take at your own pace.  Modules will be emailed, one per month, upon your request.You will receive five lessons via email including:
- Guided meditations and journeywork
- Selection and work with an herbal ally
- Herbcraft: creating tinctures, salves, oils, teas
- Celtic/ Irish festivals: living in cycle with the seasons
- Creation of a herbal first aid kit
- Aromatherapy and self-care
- Celtic Lunaria: thriving in the moon’s phase
- Much more!

Learn from the herbs, their ancient wisdom and healing rites.  Spiral the green path of wonderment and beauty.  $125.  To join, click HERE.


Brighid, Irish Goddess of the Sacred Flame

brighid as mary.jpg

Brighid:  Irish triple goddess of healing, smithcraft and poetry.  Keeper of the holy flame.  Protector of sacred springs, of home and hearth.  Tender of the Earth.  Brighid is a bridge between the old ways and the new, a holder of ancient wisdom and magic.  Discover how this Sacred Warrioress is an icon for these times and ally with her to midwife a new era within and without, to transform. Learn her favorite healing remedies and how to make herbal potions with her favorite herbs. A deck of Tonja's Way of Brighid oracle cards will be mailed to you and recommended card readings are included with the class. Plus a video to learn how to weave a Brighid's cross, an ancient Irish tradition. $50. Register HERE.


Creating and Tending to Your Altar

Alter-Roses and candle.png

An altar can enhance your life through deep connection to the mysteries, the Divine, the ancestors.  It can be a threshold place to meet them and co-create magic.   There is no right or wrong way to create an altar although if you are feeling intimidated by the process or yearn to deepen into northern Native European traditions, come discover the Wheel, the directions and the Elements that we work with in the Irish/ Celtic tradition.   Plus herbal potions to consecrate your sacred spaces.    Includes a PDF, video and audio meditation.  $40 Register HERE.


Celtic Lunaria


Connect with the moon through ritual, intentional altar-setting, potion and medicine-making and gardening. Her lunar essence is powerful alchemy inviting us to co-create with her. Discover how your own moon sign can teach you about your essence and connect you to her and your own rhythms, within and without. Includes two instruction videos, guided audio journey, and written content. $50. Register HERE.


Botanica Magica

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Spiral through the Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the magical powers and blessings associated with each. We will ally with herbs as alchemical thresholds to the liminal and learn how to create herbal incense and aromatherapy ritual sprays, lunar anointing oils and candle magic, gem elixirs and ritual teas and baths, spell jars and herb bundles. We will call in Irish goddesses Brighid, Maeve and the Morrigan to co-create with us as we find the power in reclaiming our magic.

Includes written curriculum and recipes plus five instructional videos including setting up your elemental altar and creating herbal incense, lunar infused oils, gem elixirs and spell jars. Plus four audio guided journeys to awaken ancient pathways to magic through the wisdom of the goddesses.

Take the entire series or each class individually.

Entire series: $160 ($20 savings), Register HERE.

Air: Awakening Inspiration. Connect with the alchemical powers of Air and the direction of the East as we call in triple goddess Brighid, use the power of words to create spells and invocations, blend an herbal incense and create an enchanting aromatherapy mist.  Register HERE.

Fire: Courageous Transformation. Ignite your passion as we connect with the element of Fire and the South.  We will call in Maeve, Irish goddess of Sovereignty, to guide us as we consecrate anointing oils, create a magic spell candle and work with the power of tarot. Register HERE.

Water: Creative Potential. Flow in the sensual delights of Water as we call in the fertile potential of Irish icon Sheela na gig and co-create with the ancestors of the West.  We will create a gem elixir in rhythm with the moon and a ritual bath blend to drink with our custom-created ritual tea. Register HERE.

Earth: Remembered Connection. The Morgan/ Morrigan will be our guide as we connect with the element of Earth and the direction of the North.  We will feel the presence of our ancestors as we create herb bundles and charm jars, deepening our connection with the Earth’s gifts and magic.  Register HERE.