Wild and the Rose Seasonal Membership

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Wild one, it is time!  Claim your wild roots, live in rhythm with the seasons and the moon, create herbal medicines and potions.  It is time to gather around your hearth to remember and practice the old ways of tending to the Earth and reclaiming our power as women.

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We will spiral through the ancient calendar of Ireland and our Native European traditions, re-connecting to the wisdom of the seasons of Imbolc (spring), Beltaine (summer), Lughnasa (autumn) and Samhain (winter).  

For a seasonal (3 month) subscription you will receive two emails per month, filled with rituals based on Irish/ Celtic spirituality, of connection to the moon, the equinoxes and solstices, and the fire festivals. 

You will receive herbal monographs for herbs of the season, tree wisdom from the Irish Ogham calendar and recipes including tea blends, herbal skin care, magic potions, aromatherapy, infused oils and flower remedies.   There will be lovely additions like tarot spreads, Irish goddesses, spell-craft and reflection questions/ writing prompts.

 For the current season of Samhain, we will walk through the dark winter with the Cailleach, the wise Crone and deepen into Remembered Connection and Deep Peace. (November, December, January).

We will engage with our herbal allies, new and full moon energies, potions and invocations to celebrate the fires within and without, to transform in the fullest light.

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Wild and the Rose Seasonal Membership includes:

* 2 emails per month (each season) including rituals, recipes for herbal potions, spell-craft, tarot spreads, working with the rhythm of the moon and more

* Daily Sacred Act delivered daily offering simple reflections and rituals to guide your day with sweet intention

* 10% discount on all shop products

* 10% discount on Ireland pilgrimages, Herb School Ireland, Wild Retreat or bespoke pilgrimage


Now is the time, beautiful rose.  Reclaim your wildness.

Monthly Membership: $14.  Available HERE.

Samhain Seasonal Membership (November- January): $36 Available HERE.

Wheel of the Year Seasonal Membership (all year): $124 ($20 savings).  Available HERE.

Imbolc Seasonal Membership (Available February- April): $36

Beltaine Seasonal Membership (Available May- July): $36

Lughnasa Seasonal Membership (Available August- October): $36


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Wheel of the Year Seasonal Membership themes:

Each season will have a select theme and goddess to journey with:

For springtime of Imbolc (February, March and April) we will journey with Brighid, Irish goddess and Saint as celebrating the intentiob of Awakened Inspiration in Imbolc.

For the summer of Beltaine (May, June, July) we will walk with Maeve, Goddess of Sovereignty and the energies of Courageous Transformation.

In the autumn season of Lughnasa we will be joined with Sheela na gig, celebrating Fertile Potential and the creativity of the harvest months (August, September, October).

We will walk through the dark winter with the Cailleach, the wise Crone and deepen into Remembered Connection through the Samhain season (November, December, January).