Spiral Path Correspondence Course

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Spiral Path Correspondence Course


The Spiral Path Correspondence Course

A 5 month introductory course into Celtic Herbs and Spirituality.  Ongoing.  Start at your own schedule.   

Join us on a journey of inner discovery as we walk the spiral path of Celtic Spirituality and awaken our wonder at the subtle, magical and healing power of the herbs.  Through meditation, study and creative endeavor, you will be empowered to live closer to Nature, the Elements and your own Truth.

You will receive a monthly lesson via email including:

  • Guided meditations and journeywork
  • Selection and work with an herbal ally
  • Herbcraft: creating tinctures, salves, oils, teas
  • Celtic festivals: living in cycle with the seasons
  • Creation of a herbal first aid kit
  • Aromatherapy and self-care
  • Celtic Lunaria: thriving in the moon’s phase
  • And much more

$350 includes 5 monthly lessons, one-on-one homework/ home study feedback and a certificate upon completion.

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