Scorpio New Moon

Sitting in circle, a candle flame dancing bright, mugwort and rose smudge incense spiraling: this is the community we yearn for, in our deepest places, this ancient primal connection.  We gathered to celebrate our wild roots, the roots of our ancestors, our spiritual lineage.  We mingled with the wild roots of the herbs and the trees, as we danced with the elements of air, fire, water and earth.   We felt the hands of the cailleach, the crone encircling our own as we blended a Root Tea and stirred honey into our Scorpio New Moon syrup.  We practiced spellcraft and created spell jars with citrine and seaweed and lichen and yarrow.  We held intention and created intention.  We wrote words that rhymed and words of transformation.

We dived deep into the blessings of this powerful, transformative Scorpio new moon which aligns as lunar Samhain, in the old Irish calendar.  We allied with elder and hawthorn to create deep dark medicine to keep our bodies nourished and vital.  We added ginger infused honey for the zing of warmth and movement.  We added Irish whiskey, the fourth great Celtic healer, the one that eases coughs and intestinal upset, soothes nerves and radiates light through the body.   Scorpio syrup created with elder, the wise crone who guides our journey to the depths and hawthorn, the protector who shows us how to go with strength and love into that which we may fear.   The wisdom of the herbs to carry us where we need to go.  The nourishment of the herbs to feed us, body and spirit, as they have feed our ancestors for thousands of years.

Sit in circle, loves.  Light those candles and brew those healing potions.  Write spells and claim your place as a priestess goddess witch.  Claim your wildness, your shadow and your light.


Scorpio New Moon Anointing Oil: Courage to Transform

1 oz jojoba oil

5 drops vetivert essential oil to go deeper, move grounded into shadow, be rooted and connected

13 drops sandalwood essential oil to embody the sensual aspect of the Divine, for the sacred, to connect to and with the Earth

6 drops neroli essential oil for the light you will discover being born from the dark, to ease anxiety and alleviate fear

Mix well and apply often to invoke courage for the journey into the depths.  This oil blend will give you the courage and fortitude to go there, feeling protected and grounded.  Use with an affirmation.