Sheela na gig

Sheela na gig

21 August 2017 (solar eclipse new moon in leo)


33 Pearls of Wisdom from Sheela na gig

1.      Claim your vital essence.

2.     Dare to go there.

3.     Death gives birth to life.

4.     Shadow gives birth to light.

5.     Beauty is everywhere.

6.     Lift the veil.

7.     Walk through the threshold.

8.     Masturbate

9.     Live your life, your glorious way.

10.  Don’t judge so quickly.

11.  Trust your discernment.

12.  Be in the mystery: unknow

13.  Listen.  Listen. Listen.

14.  Discover power in opening.

15.  Be raw, naked, vulnerable.

16.  Ego believes in destruction, heart in creation

17.  Sex is sacred, treat it as such.

18.  Your vulva is sacred, treat it as such.

19.  Surrender.  Again and again.

20.  Find the power in invisibility.

21.  Show up.

22.  Show up authentically.

23.  Let go of needing to know.

24.  Wisdom is experience.  Experience all you possibly can.

25.  Shed illusion.

26.  We came from our mother and to her we shall return.  In the meantime, take good care of her.

27.  Nourish shadow.

28.  Ask questions to provoke more questions.

29.  Look again.

30.  Don’t be afraid of the dark.

31.  Discover your solid foundation and move boldly from there.

32.  Find wisdom in the holy wild.

33.  Die a little and be reborn, every day.