The Ogham Tree Calendar: Apple

The Ogham tree calendar was originally based on lunar months although Niall Mac Coitir in his fabulous book Ireland’s Trees: Myth, Legends and Folklore has distilled this down to fit into our more modern calendar and, according to Coitir 5 September- 2 October is the month of apple which is when its fruit is ripening on the trees.

There are 13 trees that comprise the Ogham tree calendar and as we approach the end of the Irish/ Celtic year, apple marks the 12th month.

Apple, or Quert in Irish, represents the letter Q and is known as the Tree of Love.  Remember the old saying “Apple of my eye”?  The apple is a member of the rose botanical family and many of the family members of rose elicit love or heart healing.    The apple is a symbol of plenty so reminds us to acknowledge the bounty and abundance in our life, to offer gratitude and love for that.  Traditionally at least one apple was left on the tree to ensure a good harvest for the following year.

The apple is one of the three legendary magical fruits (the other two being oak and hazel) that are said to be able to satisfy all of mankind’s needs.  Another popular saying about apple “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a testament to its use as a healing food, just do not eat the seeds which have small amounts of cyanide. 

The apples are wonderfully abundant right now.  Stop by your local farmer’s market for a bag full or harvest your own from a beloved tree.  Not surprisingly, the autumn roses are making a show at this time too so harvest a rose or two and mix the petals in with the apples for your tart or crumble.

Happy autumn!