Elderflower Rose Beauty

I have been creating my own herbal skincare products for almost 20 years and I honestly never ceased to be amazed and delighted by the wonders of the herbs and how our skin responds.  Our skin is our largest organ and yearns to be nourished and fed from the outside just like our internal appetites crave delicious wholesome foods (and sometimes whiskey and chocolate!).    When I slather a herbal infused oil over my skin I am loving myself and am connected to a long cycle of skincare traditions.   The herbs are offering their healing properties, my senses are uplifted and I feel the nurturing of body and spirit.  The recipes are simple and effective.   I imagine my Irish ancestors creating the same blends, harvesting fresh herbs and flowers from the hedgerows to infuse in an oil and to make their tea. 

Having owned a botanical shop where we created all the products we sold (over 150 skincare recipes!) I have made a lot of herbal products over the years.  I have fine-tuned recipes and have seen again and again the beautiful results of using all-natural ingredients.  Some recipes have a more tender shelf-life so are not appropriate to offer in a retail setting so those I saved for my herbal classes.  A couple of weeks ago I made a perennial favorite in my Healing Trees of Ireland class: Elderflower Rose Facial Wash.   Using this every day since my skin feels rejuvenated and glowy fresh.  I love using this blend during the winter season as the scent is reminiscent of the spring breezes that are not far away.  The rose and glycerin add essential hydration during these dry dull months.

Enjoy the alchemy of creating your own beautiful skincare products and the beauty of your all-natural, rose-kissed skin.


Elderflower Rose Facial Cleanser

4 TBSP dried elderflower (cleansing, lightening to age spots and freckles, healing, vitalizing)

1 cup pure water

Cover flowers with boiling water and allow to infuse overnight.  Strain out herb and return to the Earth.


To the infusion add:

 1 TBSP of glycerin (soothing, hydrating, emollient)

½ TBSP rosewater (anti-inflammatory, builds collagen, beautifying, emollient)

2 drops of geranium essential oil (builds collagen, increases circulation)

2 drops of lavender essential oil (antiseptic, cleansing, balancing, anti-inflammatory)

1 drop of lemon essential oil (cleansing, uplifting, lightening, antiseptic)


Whisk all ingredients together well.  Dispense into a glass bottle.  Apply to face with cotton ball/ cotton wool.  Use once or twice daily.  Store excess in the refrigerator and use within 2 months.  Use to soften, clear and lighten the complexion.  Soothing, hydrating and beautifying!