Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual for March 1: To Celebrate Awakening

Awakening is all around us.  The light is lengthening, the trees are budding, the brave herbs are peaking through the warming Earth.  The moon is growing fuller and fuller in her luminescence.  In rhythm with the seasons, the herbs, the moon, we too are awakening.

The full moon is this Thursday March 1st and is the first of two full moons this calendar month with the second occurring on the last day of the month, March 31st.  Full moons are a time to celebrate all the abundance in our lives and to offer gratitude for all that we have.  It is a time to sit in the glow of her radiant light and to feel whole and to feel blessed.

I have created a simple and lovely full moon ritual for you (see below).  

Because full moons are a time to offer gratitude and celebrate all that we have, through this ritual we will offer that.  We are not necessarily setting intention for specifics to what we are awakening to, instead being grateful to the awakening that is occurring. 

Supplies for ritual: rose petals, mugwort herb, frankincense resin, incense charcoal, pink or white candle/ tea light, rose water

Ritual Intention: To Celebrate Awakening

Air: Create a full moon incense by combining equal part of rose petals, mugwort and frankincense.  Light the incense charcoal and add the incense.  Allow this divine breath awaken the energies.  Be here and breathe.  Breathe the full moon into your body, feeling the lunar energies awakening your own.

Fire: Light the candle with an affirmation of gratitude: "With this flame I ignite, gratitude in the full  moon light.  With this fire I am here, awakening fully without fear."

Water: Anoint and cleanse your self (hands, heart, third eye) with the rose water, allowing the opening and softening properties of the rose to awaken your love and pure essence.  Be here, be still, giving and receiving.  Infuse the remaining rose water in the moonlight and use through the following days (add a teeny bit to your drinking water, pour it in your bath, continue to cleanse and bless your beautiful self).

Earth:  Mix together equal part of the rose petals and mugwort herb and place in a bowl in the direction of the North.  Place this bowl on your altar as you conduct this ritual.  After, place the herb in the moonlight to receive the lunar energy.  The following day offer this as a gift of gratitude to a place or friend in Nature (a spot in your Garden, to the Air, to a tree).   Merging your awakening with that place.